Quality fish and chips

We sell freshly fried and grilled fish sourced locally..

Located next to the remax office at prospur center behind topps spar, CJ's has become a favourite amongst plumstead residents ever snice it opened it's doors in Decemer of 2017.

Opening hours

Mondays to Thursdays

9am to 7pm


9am to 8pm


11am to 7pm


The benefits of eating at CJs.

Fast food

Fries take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Friendly service.

All staff are kind and pleasant.

Happy customers

High customer satisfaction rate.


Fish is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein.

Phone orders

We accept phone orders

Great value

Generous portions for reasonable prices.

Fresh from the ocean

Any fresher and it will still be swimming.



Grilled or fried.



Grilled or fried.



Grilled or fried

Choose one of the following sauces per order.


Grills come at an extra cost of R9.00

Hake Parcel

200g Hake

200g Chips

Snoek Parcel

200g Snoek

200g Chips

Calamari and chips

200g Calamari

200g Chips

Hake Regular

200g Hake

Snoek Regular

200g Snoek

Medium calamari

250g calamari

Hake mini

100g Hake

Snoek Mini

100g Hake

Mini chips

175g mini chips

Small chips

250g Chips

Medium chips

450g Chips

Large chips

700g Chips

Fish Cake


1 single fish cake

Chip roll

1 roll

200g Chips

Fish and chip roll

100g Hake/Snoek

100g Chips

CJ Special

150g Calamari

200g Chips

100g Hake

Grilled Hake

250g Hake



Grilled Snoek

250g Snoek